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In the early 1950ís through the 1980ís a group of twenty-six African-American artists known as the "Florida Highwaymen" used vivid and bright colors to display the beautiful untouched Florida landscape. The Florida Highwaymen painted wind-bent palm trees, serene sunsets, churning oceans and bright red Poinciana trees. They painted from their garages and back yards on inexpensive Upson board and then on the weekends they would travel and sell their Highwaymen paintings to hotels, offices, businesses and individuals who appreciated the artwork for around $25 a piece.
Collecting Florida Highwaymen art has become an exciting, but often expensive, hobby. The market for an original work of art by a Florida Highwayman can easily bring $5,000 or more. Some of the Highwaymen who are still living have resumed painting to meet the continuing demand for their work. Please take your time to browse our site for more information, or search above to find exactly what you are looking for.
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Florida Highwaymen News

Artist AE Backus' Legacy Lives On Through Exhibition Featuring Works By Flori...
27 Jan 2016 at 8:28am
Stuart Magazineand more »
Book review: 'Mary Ann Carroll: First Lady of the Highwaymen' by Gary Monroe ...
11 Jul 2015 at 9:48am
Mary Ann Carroll was the only woman among two dozen African-American landscape painters, subsequently dubbed the Highwaymen, who drove up and down Florida's east coast and into the adjacent interior in the 1950s, '60s and '70s selling paintings ...

Florida Frontiers: Highwaymen preserve Florida's past - Florida Today
20 Oct 2014 at 9:45pm
Florida Todayand more »
Art of the Highwaymen - Florida Weekly
2 Sep 2014 at 11:08pm
?No Highwaymen painting, as far as I can tell, was ever sold dry,? says Gary Monroe, professor of art at Daytona State College and the author of seminal books about the Highwaymen, including ?The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape ...

'Two Original Collections ? One Unique Exhibit' at the Florida Keys History &...
7 Apr 2014 at 1:38pm
?My family came from Jacksonville, and we owned orange groves and turpentine stills,? said Anne Baxter, who inherited from her mother Highwaymen paintings that are in the exhibit. ?These paintings evoke an appreciation of Florida landscapes, the way ...

and more »
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Books and Videos

  • The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape Painters by Gary Monroe
    DVD: The Highwaymen Florida's Outsider Artists
    Florida's Highwaymen: Legendary Landscapes by Bob Beatty